Thingsboard ThingsBoard 3.2 Release 有人从 2.4 升级过吗?这个版本看上去不错,但是感觉改动好大,不敢升级

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ThingsBoard 3.2 Release 有人从 2.4 升级过吗?这个版本看上去不错,但是感觉改动好大,不敢升级

The goal of this release is to simplify provisioning and connecting the devices and configuration of the alarms.
We have also added features to track tenant API usage.

Major Improvements:

Tenant Profiles to manage API and Rate Limits;
Device Profiles to configure default rule chain and queue, set transport configuration and define Alarm Rules;
Added support of custom MQTT Topics and basic MQTT credentials as alternative to access token;
Added support of custom device payload schema using protocol buffers for MQTT transport;
Device provisioning is now available via device profiles;
SMS Provider and Send SMS rule node;
UI for OAuth2 settings.
Minor Improvements:

Added Api Usage dashboard;
Added "orderBy" request parameter for telemetry controller;
Added queueName to enqueueForTellNext in TbSendRPCRequestNode;
Added protection from the circular reference across different rule chains;
Added new language Brazilian Portuguese;
Improvements to camera and alarm widgets, legend sort;
Added support of min/max values in multiple attributes input widget;
UI performance improvements;
Bug fixes:

Cover all markers to fit bounds by default even when fit bounds marker is disabled in the map widget;


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